The Pilates Method | The Gyrotonic® Expansion System | Functional Resistance Training

Exercise methods that build long term mobility, strength, and ease of movement.

At Vital Body Studio we specialize in an individualized, one-on-one training approach
that targets every client’s specific fitness goals.


Over 75 years ago, Joseph H. Pilates developed his method of physical and mental conditioning utilizing specially designed apparatus and a series of mat exercises to dramatically improve strength, flexibility, coordination and posture, and muscle tone. Pilates is more than just an exercise program, it is a system that works the mind and body together.  Pilates, the original “core training” method. In Pilates, your body’s center, or core, is referred to as the “Powerhouse”, and includes all of your abdominal, back, and buttocks muscles, and inner and outer thighs. Pilates teaches a comprehensive way of body conditioning that integrates the upper and lower musculature building a balanced body and deeply strong core.

The Workout

The Pilates exercise method works sytematically utilizing the mat work and all of the Pilates apparatus including reformer, cadillac, low and high chairs, barrels, magic circle, and ped-i-pul, from beginning to advanced level repetoire. Adaptable to any level of fitness, age, or physical ability you will be both challenged and supported through a systematic and progressive system of exercises, creating whole body strength and vitality.

The Results

The benefits of a consistent Pilates practice will stay with you for a lifetime. Regardless of your physical ability, the Pilates method will provide you with tangible results.

  • deep core strength
  • long and lean muscular toning
  • back pain relief
  • injury prevention
  • improved posture
  • increased stamina and energy
  • flexibility and mobility
  • long term functionality


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® was created some 35 years ago by Juliu Horvath who combined his years of experience as a professional ballet dancer and gymnast with his deep knowledge of yoga, Qigong, and Chinese Medicine to create a truly unique exercise system that uses sweeping, spherical motions to stretch and strengthen through every possible plane of motion.

The Workout

Ordinary weight machines limit the bodies ability to move through all planes creating tightness and compression rather than functional strength and mobility. In contrast, the GYROTONIC® method is designed to assist the body in developing strength combined with mobility in a fashion that mirrors the natural movement possibilities of the human body. The exercises employ a wide range of spherical and three-dimensional movements, articulating and mobilizing the joints, facilitating fluid movement, and enabling the muscles and joints to lengthen instead of moving with shortness and compression.

The Results

GYROTONIC® is highly adaptable to a wide range of people of varied physical ability, age, and exercise experience. This exercise system is now being utilized by elite athletes such as Shaquille O’Neal, entertainment icons, ballet and dance companies throughout the world, in hospitals and physical therapy clinics, and for more and more Americans who have found this system of structural fitness incredibly beneficial.

  • fluid mobility of the spine and joints
  • weight loss
  • profound core strength
  • toning of legs, arms, back, and abdominals
  • integrated muscular strength
  • injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • long term strength and mobility


GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp. Used with permission.

Functional Training

Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation and involves mainly weight bearing activities targeting the core muscles of the abdomen, lower back, and trunk.  This system adapts and develops exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries by utilizing exercises that recruit many muscle groups simultaneously.

At Vital Body Studio we will develop a functional training program specifically for YOU based on your individual profile (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, schedule availability, medical history, etc.).

The Benefits

The benefits of functional training arise from the use of exercises that emphasize the body’s natural ability to move in three anatomical planes of motion. Weight training machines restrict movements to a single plane of motion, which is an unnatural form of movement for the body and may potentially lead to faulty movement patterns or injury. Some of the benefits of functional training are:

  • better muscular balance and joint stability
  • injury prevention
  • rehabilitation
  • core strengthening
  • overall muscular toning
  • functional strength and flexibility
  • improved cardio vascular health
  • weight loss